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Mutations caused by translocations breakpoints
This table shows all stocks in the Bloomington collection that are maintained because a translocation breakpoint disrupts a particular gene.

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  Mutation Translocation Breakpts Stk # Genotype
1 abd-A[MX1] T(2;3)abd-A[MX1] 40;89E2 3057 T(2;3)abd-A[MX1], mwh[1] jv[1] st[1] red[1] Sb[sbd-2] abd-A[MX1] e[11] ro[1] ca[1]/TM1
2 Antp[17] T(2;3)Antp[17] 25F;84B2 2299 T(2;3)Antp[17], Antp[17] red[1] e[1]/TM3, Sb[1] Ser[1]
3 Antp[W] T(3;4)Antp[W] 33E;66C 3029 T(2;3)W, T(3;4)Antp[W], Antp[W]/TM3, Sb[1]
4 bi[D2] T(1;2)bi[D2] 4C5-6;4C6;46B5-7 3206 T(1;2)bi[D2], w[*] bi[D2]/FM7c, sn[+]
5 B[S] T(1;4)B[S] 16A1;16A7-B1;102F 4058 C(1)DX, y[1] w[1] f[1]; T(1;4)B[S], B[S]
6 B[S] T(1;4)B[S] 16A1;16A7-B1;102F 4352 T(1;4)B[S], B[S] car[1]/C(1)DX, y[1] f[1]
7 Din[1] T(1;2;3)Din 3C;39D;63A;73A 4254 T(1;2;3)Din, Din[1]/C(1)DX, y[1] f[1]
8 dpp[s2] T(2;3)dpp[s2] 22F1-F2;64E1-2 2068 T(2;3)dpp[s2], ast[1] dpp[s2] dpp[d-ho] ed[1] dpy[ov1] cl[1]/CyO
9 dpy[D] T(2;3)dp[D] 25A;95BD 1638 T(2;3)dp[D], dpy[D]/SM1
10 D[7] T(2;3)D[7] 32DE;70D1-3 4912 btl[dev1]/TM1, T(2;3)D[7], red[1] D[7]
11 E(da)[1] T(2;3)E(da) 41;66C 2532 In(2L)Cy, Duox[Cy]; T(2;3)E(da), E(da)[1]
12 Eip74EF[1] T(2;3)Eip74EF[1] 29A-C;74F1-4 29973 T(2;3)Eip74EF[1], Eip74EF[1] e[1]/TM6B, Tb[1]
13 esg[dgl] T(Y;2)J165 h21;35C4-5 2727 T(Y;2)J165, esg[dgl], B[S], ks-1[J165] y[+]/SM1; C(1)RM, y[1]/C(1;Y)1, y[1]
14 Frq2[V7] T(1;Y)V7 16F5-16F7;h18-h25B 1739 T(1;Y)V7, y[1] w[1] f[1] Frq2[V7]: y[+] B[+]/FM7a/0
15 ftz[Rpl] T(2;3)ftz[Rpl] 41;84A6-84B1 2219 T(2;3)ftz[Rpl], ftz[Rpl]/TM6B, ry[CB] Tb[1] ca[1]
16 Hsp60[GF319] T(1;2)GF319 8A1;9A3;10A4-5;32B1-4 4686 T(1;2)GF319, l(1)8Aa[3] Hsp60A[GF319]/FM7a
17 Hsp60[RA75] T(1;2;3)RA75 10A5;100;41 4689 T(1;2;3)RA75, Hsp60A[RA75]/FM7a
18 kkv[82Fh-2] T(2;3)82Fh[2] 57F3-11;82F7-11 4873 T(2;3)82Fh[2], mwh[1] kkv[82Fh-2] red[1] e[4]/TM3, Sb[1] Ser[1]
19 kl-1[J146] T(Y;2)J146 h14;21B 2724 T(Y;2)J146, B[+], kl-1[J146], y[+]/SM1; C(1)RM, y[1]/C(1;Y)1, y[1]
20 kl-3[P57] T(Y;2)P57 h9;38B 2756 T(Y;2)P57, B[S], y[+] kl-3[P57]/SM1; C(1)RM, y[1]/C(1;Y)1, y[1]
21 kl-5[R50] T(Y;2)R50 h1-h2;28B 2763 T(Y;2)R50, kl-5[R50] B[S], y[+]/SM1; C(1)RM, y[1]/C(1;Y)1, y[1]
22 kn[SA2] T(1;2)kn[SA2] 1-20;51C 9574 y[1] w[*]; T(1;2)kn[SA2], Dp(1;2)TE21F22A, kn[SA2]/CyO
23 ks-1[J165] T(Y;2)J165 h21;35C4-5 2727 T(Y;2)J165, esg[dgl], B[S], ks-1[J165] y[+]/SM1; C(1)RM, y[1]/C(1;Y)1, y[1]
24 ks-1[P8] T(Y;2)P8 h21;24F8-25A1 2751 T(Y;2)P8, B[S], ks-1[P8] y[+]/SM1; C(1)RM, y[1]/C(1;Y)1, y[1]
25 l(1)10Bb[2] T(1;2)GE255 7F-8A;10A1-4;20;50B 4697 T(1;2)GE255, y[2] w[1] ec[1] l(1)10Bb[2]/FM7a
26 l(1)1Ec[4] T(1;3)GA119 1E1-1F1;93A1-7 4633 T(1;3)GA119, l(1)1Ec[4]/FM7a
27 l(1)1Ef[2] T(1;3)GA91 1E1-5;99A1-11 4636 T(1;3)GA91, l(1)1Ef[2]/FM7a
28 l(1)1Fc[2] T(1;3)JA29 1E5;85A1-11 4639 T(1;3)JA29, l(1)1Fc[2]/FM7a
29 l(1)3Ed[3] T(1;4)JC43 3E4;3B1-2;102D1-6 4671 T(1;4)JC43, l(1)3Ed[3] per[JC43]/FM7a
30 l(1)7Cg[1] T(1;3)GA41 95A;98EF;7C 4677 T(1;3)GA41, l(1)7Cg[1]/FM7a
31 l(1)7Fc[1] T(1;2)GE208 7F1-10;h38R-41F11 4685 T(1;2)GE208, l(1)7Fc[1]/FM7a
32 l(1)8Aa[3] T(1;2)GF319 8A1;9A3;10A4-5;32B1-4 4686 T(1;2)GF319, l(1)8Aa[3] Hsp60A[GF319]/FM7a
33 l(1)8Aa[5] T(1;2)JC68 8A;41 6890 T(1;2)JC68, l(1)8Aa[5]/FM7c
34 l(3)78Ae[1] T(2;3)ME21 h38R-h46;78A3-78B4 4875 T(2;3)ME21, mwh[1] l(3)78Ae[1] red[1] e[4]/TM3, ry[RK] Sb[1] Ser[1]
35 l(3)82Fi[2] T(2;3)82Fi[2] 57A10-B1;82F10-83A1 4874 T(2;3)82Fi[2], mwh[1] l(3)82Fi[2] red[1] e[4]/TM3, Sb[1] Ser[1]
36 mar[1] T(Y;3)B197 h3;96B 2832 T(Y;3)B197, B[S], y[+], mar[1]/TM6; C(1)RM, y[1]/C(1;Y)1, y[1]
37 Me[2] T(2;3)Me[2] h35-h38;64C12-65E1 538 M(3)76A[1]/T(2;3)Me[2], Me[2]
38 mtd[4] T(2;3)82Fd[4] 42E3-7;82F5-7 4872 T(2;3)82Fd[4], mwh[1] mtd[4] red[1] e[4]/TM3, Sb[1] Ser[1]
39 oc[gammaa1] T(1;2)ocgamma1 8A1-2;21-60 5537 T(1;2)ocgamma1, y[*] oc[gammaa1]/FM7a
40 per[JC43] T(1;4)JC43 3E4;3B1-2;102D1-6 4671 T(1;4)JC43, l(1)3Ed[3] per[JC43]/FM7a
41 Pp1-87B[2] T(Y;3)15 h1-h25;87B6-12 6208 T(Y;3)15, Pp1-87B[2] e[1] ro[1]/TM3, Sb[1] Ser[1]
42 Psc[1.d20] T(2;3)Psc[1.d20] 49E2-6;90A1-5 5551 T(2;3)Psc[1.d20], cn[1] Psc[1.d20] bw[1] sp[1]/CyO, P{sevRas1.V12}FK1
43 pyd[J4] T(2;3)pyd[J4] 39;85B6-9 8850 T(2;3)pyd[J4], p[p] pyd[J4]/TM2, p[p]
44 rdgC[co6] T(2;3)rdgC[co6] 21D1-2;89E1-2 3602 T(2;3)rdgC[co6], Diap1[1] st[1] rdgC[co6] in[1] kni[ri-1] p[p]
45 rn[1] T(2;3)rn 84D3-4;80-81;h35-h46 1708 T(2;3)rn, rn[1]/TM3, Sb[1]
46 Scarred[1] T(2;3)Scar 27E;91F;95A;96A 880 T(2;3)Scar, Scarred[1]/Duox[Cy]
47 Scr[P] T(3;4)Scr[P] 80-81;84B1-2;102F 3408 T(3;4)Scr[P], Scr[P]/TM3, Sb[1]
48 sc[260-15] T(1;3)sc[260-15] 1B4-5;71C-D 842 T(1;3)sc[260-15], sc[260-15]/FM6
49 Ste[1] T(1;Y)E1 h26;h11 2922 T(1;Y)E1, y[1] w[a] Ste[1]: y[+] B[S]/C(1)*, y[1] w[a]
50 Ubx[B18] T(2;3)A1-W 21D1-2;89E1-2 4253 T(2;3)A1-W, In(2L)Cy, In(2R)Cy, Duox[Cy] L[1]: TM2/T(2;3)Ubx[B18], In(2LR)bw[V1], bw[V1] Sb[1] Ubx[B18]
51 Ubx[Cbx-Hm] T(2;3)Hm 29;32;88F;89E2-3 872 T(2;3)Hm, Ubx[Cbx-Hm]/In(2L)Cy, In(2R)Cy, Duox[Cy]