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Interchromosomal duplications for chromosome 3
An interchromosomal duplication is a segment of one chromosome inserted into another chromosome. This page shows interchromosomal duplications for chromosome 3 isolated by classical mutagenesis with breakpoints characterized primarily by polytene cytology.

An introduction to interchromosomal duplications gives a general overview of duplication screens. The Origin column below references this overview. Some duplications have more complicated origins and structures than suggested by the figures in the Introduction and columns below, so please look into the detailed history of any duplication important to your work.

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Dp or Tp symbol Duplicated segment Insertion site Origin Notes Stk# Genotype
Dp(3;1)mwh[+] 61A1;62AB 1A1 2 3374 Dp(3;1)mwh[+]/C(1)RM, y[1]/Dp(1;Y)y[+]; pal[1]/SM1; mwh[1]; sv[spa-pol]
Dp(3;Y)L131-D3 72A;75D4-5 Y 8 5462 Df(3L)th102, h[1] kni[ri-1] e[s]/TM6C, cu[1] Sb[1] ca[1]; Dp(3;Y)L131-D3, B[S]
Dp(3;1)2-2 81F4-5;83A 3D 1 3688 Dp(3;1)2-2, w[1118]; Df(3R)2-2/TM3, Sb[1]
Tp(3;Y)82Fd[1] 82F3-11;98F8-14 Y 1 4877 Tp(3;Y)82Fd[1], mwh[1] mtd[1] red[1] e[4]/TM3, Sb[1]
Tp(3;2)Antp[Ctx] 83C8-9;85E4-5 35B3-4 1 Duplicated segment in two pieces (83C8-9;84B2-3 & 84B2-3;85E4-5). 2251 Tp(3;2)Antp[Ctx], Antp[Ctx] Sb[sbd-2]/TM1
Dp(3;Y)Antp[+] 83DE;84D Y 1 942 y[1]; Dp(3;Y)Antp[+], y[+]; Scr[W] Scr[4] p[p] e[1]/TM2
Tp(3;Y)P92 84D10-11;85A1-3 Y 1 4244 Dp(3;1)P68, y[1]/FM6; Tp(3;Y)P92, p[p] hb[D1]
Dp(3;2)ry[+] 87C2-3;88C2-3 2L 1 3358 Df(3R)ry85/MKRS; Dp(3;2)ry[+]
Tp(3;Y)ry506-85C 87D1-2;88E5-6 Y 1 1534 Tp(3;Y)ry506-85C/MKRS
Dp(3;1)P115 89B7-8;89E7-8 h26-h33 1 1398 C(1;Y)6, Dp(3;1)P115, y[2] sc[1] su(sable)[2] pn[1] sn[3], y[+]/0 & C(1)M4, y[1]
Dp(3;1)P115 89B7-8;89E7-8 h26-h33 1 3670 Dp(3;1)P115; Df(3R)P9, st[1] in[1] kni[ri-1] Pc[3] Antp[21] Ki[1] p[p]/TM3, Sb[1]
Dp(3;1)P115 89B7-8;89E7-8 h26-h33 1 1467 Dp(3;1)P115/+; Df(3R)P115, e[11]/TM1
Dp(3;1)P68 89D;89E3-13 h26-h33 1 1138 Dp(3;1)P68; abd-A[D24] Abd-B[D18]/TM1
Dp(3;1)P68 89D;89E3-13 h26-h33 1 4244 Dp(3;1)P68, y[1]/FM6; Tp(3;Y)P92, p[p] hb[D1]
Dp(3;1)P68 89D;89E3-13 h26-h33 1 8620 Dp(3;1)P68; In(3R)iab9[Tab], Pc[3] ss[a] Abd-B[iab9-Tab]/TM3, Sb[1]
Dp(3;1)P68 89D;89E3-13 h26-h33 1 1108 Dp(3;1)P68; ss[1] Ubx[1] abd-A[D24] Abd-B[D18]/In(3LR)Ubx[U], Sb[sbd-2] ss[1] Ubx[bx-34e] Ubx[U]
Dp(3;2)slo3 94D4-10;95E7-F1 57B3-5 1 6367 Df(3R)slo3/MKRS; Dp(3;2)slo3/+
Dp(3;1)B152 98F14;100F h33-h34 2 3547 Df(3R)L127/TM6; Dp(3;1)B152
Dp(3;1)67A 99D9-E1;100F5 h34 9 3546 Df(3R)B81, P{ry[+t7.2]=RP49}F2-80A e[1]/TM3, Sb[1]; Dp(3;1)67A
Dp(3;1)124P 99E2-3;100F5 h34 9 2234 Df(3R)R133, B[S]/TM3, Sb[1]; Dp(3;1)124P
Dp(3;1)34 99E5-F1;100F5 h34 9 2155 Df(3R)A113/In(3R)C, Sb[1] cd[1] Tb[1] ca[1]; Dp(3;1)34