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Chromosome 2 Duplications Made by Transgenesis
These duplications were generated by transgenic methods and are generally three to five genes in size. They are useful for mapping, gene rescue and changing the dosage of genes on chromosome 2.

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  Symbol Stk# Observed Bkpts
R6 Seq or Cyto Bands
Cyto Locs
1 Dp(2;3)CH321-23O18 54589 2L:2399554;2L:2486451;3L:6442676 (Dp) 22E1;22F3;65B2 (Dp)
2 Dp(2;3)CH321-79N05 54585 2L:16860354;2L:16937195;3L:6442676 (Dp) 36B2;36B4;65B2 (Dp)
3 Dp(2;3)RC056 38510 2R:971656;2R:1166760;3L:6442676 (Dp) h40;h42;65B2 (Dp)
4 Dp(2;3)CH322-140G22 34493 2R:11447586;2R:11468933;3R:11808359 (Dp) 47F13;47F15;86F8 (Dp)
5 Dp(2;3)CH321-01P07 34492 2R:21289247;2R:21376082;3R:11808359 (Dp) 57D8;57D13;86F8 (Dp)