The Cambridge Duplication Kit for Chromosome 3
Updated January 9, 2016
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This set of large duplications covers a large portion of the second chromosome. These duplications are particularly useful in screening for dosage-dependent enhancers and suppressors of mutant phenotypes. In addition, because most of the Cam duplications are nested within inverted chromosomal segments, they act as balancer chromosomes for the duplicated regions, making them ideal for recovering and maintaining haplo-lethal and haplo-sterile mutations. To order the whole kit copy this list of stock numbers and paste them into the order form.

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  Stock # Symbol Duplicated Segment
1 5743 Dp(3;3)Cam31 61F7-8;64B10-12
2 5744 Dp(3;3)Cam32 64B10-12;64E5-9
3 8543 Dp(3;3)Cam34 65C5-9;67C5-11
4 5745 Dp(3;3)Cam35 67C5-11;69A4-5
5 5746 Dp(3;3)Cam36 69A4-5;70F1-2
6 5747 Dp(3;3)Cam37 70F1-2;73C3-D7
7 5742 Dp(3;3)Cam30T 90C;93C