Split-GAL4 stocks carrying VP16 activation domain hemidrivers
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Stocks carrying VP16 activation domain hemidrivers are listed here. Stocks carrying p65 activation domain, GAL4 DNA binding domain, GAL4 activation domain, or lexA DNA binding domain hemidrivers can be found on their respective pages.

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  Stk # Insertion Associated gene
1 60294 P{Tub-dVP16AD.D}1 alphaTub84B
2 60295 P{Tub-dVP16AD.D}2 alphaTub84B
3 23872 P{elav-VP16.AD}G3A1 elav
4 56526 P{ort-VP16.C2b.AD}2 ort
5 60326 Mi{Trojan-dVP16AD.1}Shaw[MI01735-TdVP16AD.1] Shaw
6 56503 P{ET.VP16.AD}A609 VP16 (Herpes simplex virus)
7 23870 P{ET.VP16.AD}N9 VP16 (Herpes simplex virus)