piggyBac PB Insertions on Chromosome 1
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Primary Reference: Thibault et al., 2004
Please cite those who generated and analyzed these materials when publishing your own work with these and other Stock Center stocks.
  All GDP Insertions at Bloomington     All Insertions at Bloomington  
  Stock # Symbol Phenotype CytoSite Basis Coordinates Chromosome Viability
1 17725 PBac{PB}CG14635[c05722] viable 1D1 R5 flank X:739261..739261 viable
2 17727 PBac{PB}CG32803[c05749] viable 2B15 R5 flank X:1796046..1796046 viable
3 10785 PBac{PB}eIF2B-beta[c02002] lethal (unverified) 3B2 R5 flank X:2598847..2599027 lethal
4 10065 PBac{PB}Vap-33A[c00426] viable 3F9 R5 flank X:3843433..3843433 viable
5 10994 PBac{PB}RpL17[c02747] viable 6C10 R5 flank X:6637812..6637812 viable
6 10994 PBac{PB}c02747 viable 6D8 R5 flank X:6755923..6755923 viable
7 10903 PBac{PB}CG10959[c02347] viable 7D16 R5 flank X:8043508..8043515 viable
8 17782 PBac{PB}CG42388[c06792] viable 8C4 R5 flank X:8945205..8945205 viable
9 10881 PBac{PB}c02279 viable 8C8 R5 flank X:8982119..8982119 viable
10 11149 PBac{PB}hep[c02950] lethal (unverified) 11D10 R5 flank X:12982037..12982037 lethal
11 11310 PBac{PB}CG32625[c03754] viable 12B10 R5 flank X:13650907..13650907 viable
12 17693 PBac{PB}CG15890[c05173] viable 12F4 R5 flank X:14658797..14658809 viable
13 10545 PBac{PB}Cyp4s3[c01459] viable 13A12 R5 flank X:15009471..15009471 viable
14 20364 PBac{PB}Pvf1[c05589] viable 17E1 R5 gene X:18726736..18736934 viable
15 22022 PBac{PB}CG12531[c05174] viable 18E3 R5 flank X:19620289..19620289 viable
16 17773 PBac{PB}CG1324[c06609] viable 19E2 R5 flank X:20606548..20606702 viable