P-Element EPg Insertions on Chromosome 2
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Primary Reference: Staudt et al., 2005
Please cite those who generated and analyzed these materials when publishing your own work with these and other Stock Center stocks.
  All GDP Insertions at Bloomington     All Insertions at Bloomington  
  Stock # Symbol Phenotype CytoSite Basis Coordinates Chromosome Viability
1 22202 P{EPg}CG31638[HP21179] viable 26D9 R5 flank 2L:6494525..6494525
2 22097 P{EPg}HP26217 viable 28E1 R5 flank 2L:8071669..8071669 viable
3 22095 P{EPg}dgt2[HP26085] lethal (unverified) 33B5 R5 flank 2L:11989964..11989964 lethal
4 21968 P{EPg}APP-BP1[HP32137] viable 34B4 R5 flank 2L:13293560..13293560 viable
5 21924 P{EPg}HP20647 viable 43A2 R5 flank 2R:3136554..3136554 viable
6 21943 P{EPg}CG12736[HP25926] viable 43D1 R5 flank 2R:3397646..3397646 viable
7 21941 P{EPg}HP25601 viable 43F2 R5 flank 2R:3814144..3814144 viable
8 22092 P{EPg}nito[HP25329] lethal (unverified) 43F8 R5 flank 2R:3850000..3850000 lethal
9 21928 P{EPg}Ggamma1[HP20852] lethal (unverified) 44F3 R5 flank 2R:4788984..4788984 lethal
10 21944 P{EPg}CG1698[HP26047] viable 46B3 R5 flank 2R:5681788..5681788 viable
11 21925 P{EPg}Tret1-1[HP20718] viable 48B7 R5 flank 2R:7558550..7558550 viable
12 21940 P{EPg}CG33145[HP25386] viable 48D5 R5 flank 2R:7869427..7869427 viable
13 22085 P{EPg}HP21139 lethal (unverified) 48D8 R5 flank 2R:7921368..7921368 lethal
14 22096 P{EPg}HP26212 viable 48D8 R5 flank 2R:7924710..7924710 viable
15 22098 P{EPg}CG42321[HP26676] viable 50A8 R5 flank 2R:9325064..9325064 viable
16 21931 P{EPg}HP21640 viable 50A9 R5 flank 2R:9338153..9338153 viable
17 21949 P{EPg}HP26972 viable 50C6 R5 flank 2R:9712033..9712033 viable
18 22083 P{EPg}HP20256 viable 50C6 R5 flank 2R:9727527..9727527 viable
19 21930 P{EPg}HP21404 viable 51C2 R5 flank 2R:10643661..10643661 viable
20 21912 P{EPg}pcs[HP20033] viable 51D6 R5 flank 2R:10868801..10868801 viable
21 21921 P{EPg}CG10265[HP20398] viable 51D7 R5 flank 2R:10881139..10881139 viable
22 22090 P{EPg}mus210[HP25150] viable 51F4 R5 flank 2R:11199065..11199065 viable
23 21922 P{EPg}CG8195[HP20539] viable 52A13 R5 flank 2R:11453286..11453286 viable
24 21929 P{EPg}CG8060[HP20943] viable 53B4 R5 flank 2R:12208204..12208204 viable
25 21933 P{EPg}CG7997[HP21752] viable 53C1 R5 flank 2R:12231303..12231303 viable
26 21950 P{EPg}HP27003 viable 54E5 R5 flank 2R:13627476..13627476 viable
27 22094 P{EPg}Spn55B[HP25975] viable 55B7 R5 flank 2R:14013813..14013813 viable
28 22084 P{EPg}CG10916[HP20927] viable 55B11 R5 flank 2R:14061212..14061212 viable
29 21945 P{EPg}HP26250 viable 55B12 R5 flank 2R:14067744..14067744 viable
30 21920 P{EPg}HP20395 viable 55C7 R5 flank 2R:14295348..14295348 viable
31 21948 P{EPg}HP26541 viable 55E6 R5 flank 2R:14561061..14561061 viable
32 24459 P{EPg}Phb2[HP35544] lethal (unverified) 55F5 R5 flank 2R:14707010..14707054 lethal
33 22087 P{EPg}SdhA[HP21216] lethal (unverified) 56D3 R5 flank 2R:15283292..15283292 lethal
34 22093 P{EPg}Magi[HP25847] viable 57C3 R5 flank 2R:17029735..17029735 viable
35 21914 P{EPg}Acox57D-d[HP20201] viable 57E1 R5 flank 2R:17279341..17279341 viable
36 21932 P{EPg}HP21725 lethal (unverified) 57E9 R5 flank 2R:17409917..17409917 lethal
37 21937 P{EPg}CG10306[HP25023] lethal (unverified) 57F8 R5 flank 2R:17573028..17573028 lethal
38 21927 P{EPg}CG3500[HP20831] viable 59D8 R5 flank 2R:19244837..19244837 viable
39 22330 P{EPg}Gadd34[HP20979] lethal (unverified) 60A16 R5 flank 2R:19864691..19864691 lethal
40 21935 P{EPg}sei[HP21840] viable 60B6 R5 flank 2R:19938947..19938947 viable
41 21934 P{EPg}tamo[HP21810] viable 60B11 R5 flank 2R:20017928..20017928 viable
42 21919 P{EPg}mRpS17[HP20385] lethal (unverified) 60C1 R5 flank 2R:20061856..20061856 lethal
43 21926 P{EPg}HP20721 viable 60C3 R5 flank 2R:20130722..20130722 viable
44 21867 P{EPg}HP10302 viable 60C7 R5 flank 2R:20277110..20277110 viable
45 22091 P{EPg}CG11414[HP25186] viable 60D5 R5 flank 2R:20449184..20449184 viable
46 21915 P{EPg}HP20235 viable 60E5 R5 flank 2R:20778946..20778946 viable