GDP - 3HPy[+]
piggyBac 3HPy[+] Insertions on Chromosome 2
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Primary Reference: Ring, 2001
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  Stock # Symbol Phenotype CytoSite Basis Coordinates Chromosome Viability
1 16321 PBac{3HPy[+]}CG18131[C261] viable 22A2 R5 flank 2L:1500612..1500612 viable
2 16307 PBac{3HPy[+]}C211 viable 22F4 R5 flank 2L:2501046..2501046 viable
3 16249 PBac{3HPy[+]}stai[C002] viable 26B7 R5 flank 2L:6118201..6118201 viable
4 16275 PBac{3HPy[+]}Pten[C076] semi-lethal (unverified) 31B1 R5 flank 2L:10260712..10260827 semi-lethal
5 16317 PBac{3HPy[+]}CG14921[C247] lethal (unverified) 32D4 R5 flank 2L:11121256..11121281 lethal
6 16296 PBac{3HPy[+]}C176 viable 33A2 R5 flank 2L:11814086..11814086 viable
7 16257 PBac{3HPy[+]}tam[C021] lethal (unverified) 34D1 R5 flank 2L:13827701..13827718 lethal
8 16331 PBac{3HPy[+]}CG15282[C298] semi-lethal (unverified) 35B4 R5 flank 2L:14713137..14713137 semi-lethal
9 16323 PBac{3HPy[+]}vig[C274] semi-lethal (unverified) 35C1 R5 flank 2L:15065506..15065506 semi-lethal
10 16334 PBac{3HPy[+]}C310 semi-lethal (unverified) 35C2 R5 flank 2L:15128908..15128968 semi-lethal
11 16276 PBac{3HPy[+]}MESR3[C080] semi-lethal (unverified) 36F8 R5 flank 2L:18649096..18649096 semi-lethal
12 16326 PBac{3HPy[+]}l(2)37Cc[C283] lethal (unverified) 37C1 R5 flank 2L:19122901..19122901 lethal
13 16340 PBac{3HPy[+]}C336 lethal (unverified) 37E3 R5 flank 2L:19473152..19473152 lethal
14 16295 PBac{3HPy[+]}Ret[C168] lethal (unverified) 39B1 R5 flank 2L:21182613..21182613 lethal
15 16285 PBac{3HPy[+]}laccase2[C127] semi-lethal (unverified) 41F1 R5 flank 2R:1337005..1337005 semi-lethal
16 16333 PBac{3HPy[+]}kune[C309] lethal (unverified) 41F6 R5 flank 2R:1559315..1559539 lethal
17 16315 PBac{3HPy[+]}jing[C236] viable 42B2 R5 flank 2R:2459460..2459460 viable
18 16278 PBac{3HPy[+]}C092 viable 45B5 R5 flank 2R:5102764..5102764 viable
19 16330 PBac{3HPy[+]}CG17765[C295] viable 47A11 R5 flank 2R:6367788..6367788 viable
20 16332 PBac{3HPy[+]}CG30089[C301] viable 52C3 R5 flank 2R:11641087..11641087 viable
21 16265 PBac{3HPy[+]}Zasp52[C044] viable 52C4 R5 flank 2R:11658390..11658489 viable
22 16314 PBac{3HPy[+]}Strn-Mlck[C234] viable 52D5 R5 flank 2R:11838068..11838154 viable
23 16311 PBac{3HPy[+]}CG8311[C222] viable 53C9 R5 flank 2R:12474723..12474723 viable
24 16312 PBac{3HPy[+]}fab1[C227] lethal (unverified) 54E9 R5 flank 2R:13669090..13669400 lethal
25 16273 PBac{3HPy[+]}C066 semi-lethal (unverified) 55A2 R2 author statement semi-lethal
26 16271 PBac{3HPy[+]}rig[C063] lethal (unverified) 57A8 R5 flank 2R:16526590..16526590 lethal
27 16267 PBac{3HPy[+]}CG9485[C047] viable 57D11 R5 flank 2R:17207048..17207048 viable
28 16325 PBac{3HPy[+]}dom[C281] lethal (unverified) 57D11 R5 flank 2R:17210994..17210994 lethal
29 16304 PBac{3HPy[+]}CG3501[C206] lethal (unverified) 59B4 R5 flank 2R:18769575..18769575 lethal
30 16354 PBac{3HPy[+]}enok[C376] viable 60B10 R5 flank 2R:19987207..19987207 viable
31 16291 PBac{3HPy[+]}CG3663[C154] viable 60D13 R5 flank 2R:20549063..20549063 viable