GDP - 3HPy[+]
piggyBac 3HPy[+] Insertions on Chromosome 4
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Primary Reference: Ring, 2001
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  Stock # Symbol Phenotype CytoSite Basis Coordinates Chromosome Viability
1 16262 PBac{3HPy[+]}CG32000[C034] semi-lethal (unverified) 102A4 R5 flank 4:157142..157186 semi-lethal
2 16258 PBac{3HPy[+]}CG1909[C024] viable 102C6 R5 flank 4:604240..604240 viable
3 16260 PBac{3HPy[+]}C028 viable 102E3 R5 flank 4:854831..855076 viable
4 16302 PBac{3HPy[+]}Rfabg[C204] lethal (unverified) 102F8 R5 flank 4:1085600..1085600 lethal
5 16341 PBac{3HPy[+]}Arf102F[C339] viable 102F8 R5 flank 4:1145725..1145774 viable