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The InSITE (Integrase Swappable In Vivo Targeting Element) system allows for conversion of a GAL4 enhancer trap into one containing lexA, QF, or a number of other transcriptional regulators using simple genetic crosses. Initially, GAL4-bearing enhancer trap lines are isolated by either P- or piggyBac-based element transposition (two suitable “ammunition” lines that can be used as transposition sources are available). In subsequent crosses, the GAL4 cassette in these lines can then be swapped for “donor” cassettes encoding other genetic effectors.

The InSITE system is described in Gohl et al. 2011. “A versatile in vivo system for directed dissection of gene expression patterns.” Nature Meth. 8(3):231-237. FBrf0213241

Gohl et al. Supplementary Figure 5 containing crossing schemes for doing swaps can be found here.
InSITE swap overview
In the presence of an enhancer trap insertion (the “target”), the donor insertion, and FLP and phiC31 recombinases, FLP recombinase will FLP-out the FRT-flanked attB-bearing donor and phiC31 will put the freed donor into the attP site of the enhancer trap target. At this step, the target site (which now carries both GAL4 and the donor gene) contains a FRT site which can be used for generating deletions. Subsequent steps using Cre recombinase complete the swap by removing the GAL4 (this step also removes the FRT).
Donor cassettes (see below for available insertion stocks):
P{ID.GAL4AD} GAL4-activator domain fusion gene for the split GAL4 system
P{ID.GAL4DBD} GAL4-DNA binding domain fusion gene for the split GAL4 system
P{ID.GAL80} GAL80 (GAL4 inhibitor)
P{ID.LexA} LexA transcriptional activator
P{ID.QF} QF transcriptional activator
P{ID.VP16AD} GAL4-VP16 activator domain fusion gene for the split GAL4 system

The BDSC distributes the following stocks for use in the InSITE system:
Type Stk# Symbol Chr Comments
Ammunition stocks for generating new enhancer trap lines
PBac ammo 33215 PBac{IT.GAL4}0315 1 Useful as a GAL4-containing PBac-based source for transposition.
P element ammo 33598 P{IT.GAL4}A134.3 1 Useful as a GAL4-containing P-element-based source for transposition.
Tool stocks for swapping cassettes in vivo
FLP and phiC31 33216 P{hsFLP}122 M{vas-int.B}ZH-2A 1 Expresses FLP under the control of heatshock and phiC31 integrase under the control of vasa.
Cre recombinase 766 P{Crey}1b 1 Expresses Cre in both germline and somatic tissue. y+ marked insert on X with sna[Sco]/CyO in the background.
Cre recombinase 851 P{Crey}1b 1 Expresses Cre in both germline and somatic tissue. y+ marked insert on X with D[*]/TM3, Sb[1] in the background.
Cre recombinase 1092 P{Crew}DH1 2 Expresses Cre in both germline and somatic tissue. w+ marked insert on CyO.
Cre recombinase 1501 P{Crew}DH2 3 Expresses Cre in both germline and somatic tissue. w+ marked insert on TM6B, Tb[1].
ey-FLP 5580 P{ey-FLP.N}2 1 Expresses FLP in the eye. Useful for preventing the selection of unexcised donor lines during swap crosses
Type Stk# Symbol Chr Insert site Orientation
Donor stocks
GAL4AD donor 33240 P{ID.GAL4AD}G18.2 2 53D11, 2R:12716359..12716390 minus
GAL4AD donor 33241 P{ID.GAL4AD}dnr1[G39.2L] 2 58E9, 2R:18457778 plus
GAL4AD donor 33239 P{ID.GAL4AD}CR31044[G12.1] 3 99A1, 3R:25044176..25044237 plus
GAL4AD donor 33238 P{ID.GAL4AD}CstF-50[G10.1] 3 100D1, 3R:27562597..27562628 minus
GAL4DBD donor 33227 P{ID.GAL4DBD}F17.1 2 31A1, 2L:10057038..10055469 plus
GAL4DBD donor 33228 P{ID.GAL4DBD}MESR3[F29.2] 2 36F7, 2L:18640701 plus
GAL4DBD donor 33229 P{ID.GAL4DBD}Edc3[F32.1] 3 74D2, 3L:17522886..17522948 minus
GAL4DBD donor 33226 P{ID.GAL4DBD}Kdm2[F11.1] 3 85C3, 3R:4882527 minus
GAL80 donor 33225 P{ID.GAL80}MFS3[E22.1] 2 21F1, 2L:1143723..1143739 plus
GAL80 donor 33222 P{ID.GAL80}Pde8[E6.1] 2 59F5, 2R:19554510 minus
GAL80 donor 33223 P{ID.GAL80}E10.1 3 84F6, 3R:4076192 plus
GAL80 donor 33224 P{ID.GAL80}tok[E17.1] 3 96A18, 3R:20545736..20545745 minus
LexA donor 33237 P{ID.LexA}l(2)09851[L44.2] 2 41F9, 2R:1642030..1642176 minus
LexA donor 33235 P{ID.LexA}L19.2L 2 53C4, 2R:12274000..12274016 plus
LexA donor 33236 P{ID.LexA}L34.2L 3 66B4, 3L:8056934..8057062 minus
LexA donor 33234 P{ID.LexA}CTPsyn[L4.3] 3 71B4, 3L:15100576..15100583 plus
QF donor 33232 P{ID.QF}Cul-3[Q12A] 2 35D1, 2L:15271465 minus
QF donor 33231 P{ID.QF}NaCP60E[Q10B] 2 60E5, 2R:20791164 minus
QF donor 33233 P{ID.QF}Q33A 3 65A9, 3L:6211116..6211184 plus
QF donor 33230 P{ID.QF}CG7370[Q2A] 3 78F1, 3L:21763760 plus
VP16AD donor 33217 P{ID.VP16AD}D33.1 2
VP16AD donor 33219 P{ID.VP16AD}D38.3 2 47D6, 2R:7061270..7061281 minus
VP16AD donor 33221 P{ID.VP16AD}CG5742[D40.1] 2 55B9, 2R:14036197 plus
VP16AD donor 33218 P{ID.VP16AD}D37.1 3 77C2, 3L:20403710 plus
VP16AD donor 33220 P{ID.VP16AD}rdx[D39L.2] 3 88A4, 3R:9844270 plus