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Stocks with B3RT cassettes
The table below shows stocks available at the Bloomington Stock Center that contain a B3 recombinase-removable B3RT cassette.

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Stock # Gene Symbol Chr Genotype
    Insertions in which gene expression is dependent on recombining out an intervening B3RT cassette
62132 HA PBac{10xUAS(B3RT.stop)myr::smGdP-HA}VK00005 3 w[1118]; PBac{y[+mDint2] w[+mC]=10xUAS(B3RT.stop)myr::smGdP-HA}VK00005
62135 OLLAS P{10xUAS(B3RT.stop)myr::smGdP-OLLAS}attP2 3 w[1118]; P{y[+t7.7] w[+mC]=10xUAS(B3RT.stop)myr::smGdP-OLLAS}attP2
62134 V5 P{10xUAS(B3RT.stop)myr::smGdP-V5}su(Hw)attP5 2 w[1118]; P{y[+t7.7] w[+mC]=10xUAS(B3RT.stop)myr::smGdP-V5}su(Hw)attP5
62133 V5 P{10xUAS(B3RT.stop)myr::smGdP-V5}su(Hw)attP1 3 w[1118]; P{y[+t7.7] w[+mC]=10xUAS(B3RT.stop)myr::smGdP-V5}su(Hw)attP1
    Insertions in which the B3RT cassette contains a gene of interest
62104 GAL80 PBac{tubP-(B3RT.GAL80)}VK00027 3 w[1118]; PBac{y[+mDint2] w[+mC]=tubP-(B3RT.GAL80)}VK00027