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Stocks with donor constructs for Trojan exons

The Mi{MIC} transposon carries an attP-flanked cassette containing the yellow gene. This cassette can be replaced by Recombinase-Mediated Cassette Exchange catalyzed by phiC31 integrase.

The paper Diao et al. (2015) "Plug-and-play genetic access to Drosophila cell types using exchangeable exon cassettes" describes donor constructs with attB-flanked cassettes encoding a variety of effector proteins including GAL4, GAL80 and QF. As shown in the following figure, these proteins can be expressed in the pattern of a gene when cassettes are swapped into an intronic Mi{MIC} insertion.

Illustration of Trojan exon swap into Mi{MIC} element by Recombinase-mediated Cassette Exchange MCE originating in Diao et al. (2015), Plug-and-Play Genetic Access to Drosophila Cell Types using Exchangeable Exon Cassettes. Cell Reports 10: 1410–1421

The self-cleaving T2A peptide assures that the effectors are not expressed as fusion proteins.

Diao et al. called these swappable cassettes "Trojan exons" by analogy to the Trojan Horse. The cassettes can be introduced by injecting embryos with plasmids, but a more convenient method involves excising them from donor constructs with cre recombinase. The P{lox(Trojan-GAL4)x3} construct illustrated below can donate GAL4-encoding Trojan exons in all three reading frames.

Illustration of excision of Trojan exon extrachromosomal circles from lox(Trojan-GAL4)x3} originating in Diao et al. (2015), Plug-and-Play Genetic Access to Drosophila Cell Types using Exchangeable Exon Cassettes. Cell Reports 10: 14101421

Donor constructs for single reading frames are also available.

Construct Effector Coding phase Construct symbol in Diao et al.
P{loxP(Trojan-GAL4.0)} GAL4 0 pC-(loxP2-attB2-SA(0)-T2A-Gal4-Hsp70)
P{loxP(Trojan-GAL4.1)} GAL4 1 pC-(loxP2-attB2-SA(1)-T2A-Gal4-Hsp70)
P{loxP(Trojan-GAL4.2)} GAL4 2 pC-(loxP2-attB2-SA(2)-T2A-Gal4-Hsp70)
P{lox(Trojan-GAL4)x3} GAL4 0, 1 & 2 pC-(lox2-attB2-SA-T2A-Gal4-Hsp70)

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Donor stocks
  Effector Symbol Phase Chr Stk # Genotype
1 GAL4 P{loxP(Trojan-GAL4.0)}6x 0 1 60300 P{w[+mC]=loxP(Trojan-GAL4.0)}6x, y[1] w[*]
2 GAL4 P{loxP(Trojan-GAL4.0)}8B 0 2 60301 y[1] w[*]; P{w[+mC]=loxP(Trojan-GAL4.0)}8B; Dr[1]/TM3, Sb[1]
3 GAL4 P{loxP(Trojan-GAL4.0)}8C 0 3 60302 y[1] w[*]; wg[Sp-1]/CyO; P{w[+mC]=loxP(Trojan-GAL4.0)}8C
4 GAL4 P{loxP(Trojan-GAL4.1)}3x 1 1 60303 P{w[+mC]=loxP(Trojan-GAL4.1)}3x, y[1] w[*]
5 GAL4 P{loxP(Trojan-GAL4.1)}12B 1 2 60304 y[1] w[*]; P{w[+mC]=loxP(Trojan-GAL4.1)}12B; Dr[1]/TM3, Sb[1]
6 GAL4 P{loxP(Trojan-GAL4.1)}4C 1 3 60305 y[1] w[*]; wg[Sp-1]/CyO; P{w[+mC]=loxP(Trojan-GAL4.1)}4C
7 GAL4 P{loxP(Trojan-GAL4.2)}7x 2 1 60306 P{w[+mC]=loxP(Trojan-GAL4.2)}7x, y[1] w[*]
8 GAL4 P{loxP(Trojan-GAL4.2)}8B 2 2 60307 y[1] w[*]; P{w[+mC]=loxP(Trojan-GAL4.2)}8B; Dr[1]/TM3, Sb[1]
9 GAL4 P{loxP(Trojan-GAL4.2)}1 2 3 60308 y[1] w[*]; wg[Sp-1]/CyO; P{w[+mC]=loxP(Trojan-GAL4.2)}1
10 GAL4 P{lox(Trojan-GAL4)x3}316x 0, 1, 2 1 60309 P{w[+mC]=lox(Trojan-GAL4)x3}16x, y[1] w[*]
11 GAL4 P{lox(Trojan-GAL4)x3}310 0, 1, 2 2 60310 y[1] w[*]; P{w[+mC]=lox(Trojan-GAL4)x3}10; Dr[1]/TM3, Sb[1] Ser[1]
12 GAL4 P{lox(Trojan-GAL4)x3}311 0, 1, 2 3 60311 y[1] w[*]; wg[Sp-1]/CyO; P{w[+mC]=lox(Trojan-GAL4)x3}11
Stock carrying both cre recombinase and phiC31 integrase for making swaps genetically
Stk # Genotype
60299 y[1] M{vas-int.Dm}ZH-2A w[*], P{y[+mDint2]=Crey}1b
Stocks for identifying new swap-ins and establishing balanced lines
  Use Stk # Genotype
1 Balance Trojan insertions on II or III 59967 y[1] w[*]; wg[Sp-1]/CyO; Dr[1]/TM3, Sb[1]
2 Balance Trojan insertions on X 59968 C(1)M3, y[2]/FM7a/Y; Pin[Yt]/CyO
3 Screen Trojan GAL4 recombinants on II or III 60291 y[*] w[*] P{w[+mC]=UAS-2xEYFP}AX; wg[Sp-1]/CyO; Dr[1]/TM3, Sb[1]
4 Screen Trojan GAL4 recombinants on X or III 60292 y[1] w[*]; P{w[+mC]=UAS-2xEGFP}AH2; Dr[1]/TM3, Sb[1]
5 Screen Trojan GAL4 recombinants on X or II 60293 y[1] w[*]; wg[Sp-1]/CyO; P{w[+mC]=UAS-2xEGFP}AH3
6 Screen Trojan GAL4DBD recombinants on II or III 60294 y[1] w[*] P{w[+mC]=UAS-2xEYFP}AX, P{w[+mC]=Tub-dVP16AD.D}1; wg[Sp-1]/CyO; Dr[1]/TM3, Sb[1]
7 Screen Trojan GAL4DBD recombinants on X or III 60295 y[1] w[*]; P{w[+mC]=Tub-dVP16AD.D}2, P{w[+mC]=UAS-2xEGFP}AH2; Dr[1]/TM3, Sb[1]
8 Screen Trojan dVP16AD or p65AD recombinants on X 60296 y[*] w[*] P{w[+mC]=UAS-2xEYFP}AX; P{w[+mC]=Tub-GAL4DBD.D}2; Dr[1]/TM3, Sb[1]
9 Screen Trojan dVP16AD or p65AD recombinants on II 60297 y[*] w[*] P{w[+mC]=UAS-2xEYFP}AX; wg[Sp-1]/CyO; P{w[+mC]=Tub-GAL4DBD.D}3
10 Screen Trojan dVP16AD or p65AD recombinants on III 60298 y[1] w[*]; P{w[+mC]=Tub-GAL4DBD.D}2; P{w[+mC]=UAS-2xEGFP}AH3