BDSC User Fees for 2014
Updated January 9, 2014
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Stock, Handling and Postage Fees
Stocks Ordered for 2014 Shipment Subsidized Fee per Stock Range of Stock Fee Totals Handling Fee per Shipment Domestic Postage per package International Postage per package
1st — 5th $17 each $17 — $85 $3 or $5 $2.24 — $30.15 $7.35 — $70.95
6th — 100th $7 each $92 — $750 $3 or $5
101st and up $3.50 each $753.50 and up $3 or $5
Account Service Fees for 2014
Account Type Fee  
Purchase Order received in advance of shipment POMulti
Multi-shipment Purchase Order (Open or Blanket or Standing PO), billed annually
$20 per year POMulti is a good option if you order frequently and your organization supports open Purchase Orders. If your organization does not use Purchase Orders to guarantee future payment for goods provided now, a 'promise to pay' letter from your academic department can serve the purpose (download a template). There is no annual fee for an inactive account.
Single shipment Purchase Order, billed at time of shipment
$5 per shipment The POSingle option is for those who require a separate invoice for each shipment. You will receive a quote by e-mail when we process your stock request. Your stocks will be shipped after we receive your Purchase Order. We will bill your organization according to the instructions on your Purchase Order 1-3 weeks after shipment.
Payment received in advance of shipment APSingle
Billing and payment in advance of each shipment
$5 per shipment

APSingle is a good choice for those who can pay by credit card on line and do not need an invoice in addition to our quote. You (or the account delegate) will receive a quote by e-mail when we process your stock request. The quote serves as your bill, and your payment receipt is provided by the web site when you make your credit card payment. Your stocks will be shipped after we receive payment.

Advance payment on account
$0 for 1 invoice per year This option is for those who are able to pay in advance for multiple orders to be placed in the future. We can provide a generic BDSC invoice for an amount you specify.
  • Consult your purchasing agent to determine which account types are compatible with your organization's rules and procedures.
  • The POMulti account type is not available for accounts at private commercial organizations.
  • Account service fees cover types of account maintenance paperwork and record-keeping that are standard in the US. We may decline to support accounts at organizations that require excessive paperwork peculiar to the organization.
Use the account type selection form to have us change your account type.