Your Account with BDSC
Updated December 22, 2016
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  • Your Bloomington User Number (BUN)
    We provide accounts to faculty-level investigators and teachers at qualified educational and research organizations. When you register your group with the Center we establish a set of records for your group that we use to process your requests for stocks, track your use of the collection, provide user information to our granting agencies, determine your fees and invoice for those fees. All of our records are tied to the BUN that we assign to your group when you establish an account.
  • Account Types
    The default account type is APSingle. Your account type is shown under your name and address on the stock order form. Use the account type selection form to change your account type. Consult your purchasing agent to determine which account types are compatible with your organization's rules and procedures and request an account type that is appropriate for your organization.

    Four account types (listed below) are available to academic users of the collection and three (APMulti, APSingle, or POSingle) to private commercial users of the collection. Payment for stocks must be assured prior to shipment, either with a Purchase Order (PO) or by advance payment. With the exception of postage and courier costs, fees are set at the beginning of each calendar year and are fixed for the year; fees for the current year are listed on the Fees page. The fees are the same for all account types. Whichever account type you choose, you must fill out our standard on-line stock order form to place an order for stocks.

    • POMulti: If you order frequently and want your orders shipped as soon as possible POMulti is a good option if your organization supports it. Your organization will need to provide us with a blanket Purchase Order (PO) that covers multiple shipments throughout the calendar or fiscal year. Your PO will be invoiced only once, shortly after the end of its service period (or shortly before if it ends mid-month).
      • A PO is an official and binding document issued by your organization authorizing the expenditure of funds for BDSC stocks ordered on your account, thereby guaranteeing future payment to the BDSC for goods provided now. Blanket POs (aka Standing Order, Open Order or similar) are not supported by all organizations. Please consult your purchasing agent about the options in your case (providing this POMulti Agreement document to your purchasing agent might be helpful).
      • If your organization does not use Purchase Orders to guarantee future payment for goods provided now, a 'promise to pay' letter from your academic department can serve the purpose (download a template).
      • Send us your PO (we need the document itself, not just the PO number) with your BUN or the account holder's name included so we can identify it as yours. If your account type is shown as POMulti-InProg we have not received your PO or have not identified it as yours.
      • Place your stock order using our on-line stock order form.
      • When your order is processed it is released for the next available shipment if we have your PO.
      • If we have not received your PO, orders on your account go into hold instead of being processed. Orders on hold will be processed and automatically shipped once we receive your PO unless you ask us to cancel your orders on hold.
      • When an order is shipped we send to the account holder or account delegate a statement by email that itemizes the charges for the shipment. If your purchasing agent needs this information please forward the email to your purchasing agent.
      • A final statement itemizing all charges on the PO for the current year will be emailed to your or your account delegate for your review prior to invoicing. Contact us to request an interim statement for your POMulti account.
      • We will invoice once per year according to the instructions on your PO. All invoices are itemized unless you request that we send an unitemized invoice.
    • POSingle: With this option you provide a Purchase Order (PO) for each shipment of stocks.
      • Place your stock order using our on-line stock order form.
      • You will receive a quote by email when we process your stock request. If you want the stocks to be shipped use the quote to obtain a Purchase Order and have the PO sent to us. If we don't receive a PO within 84 days (12 weeks) your order will be canceled.
      • When we receive your PO your order is released for the next available shipment.
      • We will invoice your organization one to three weeks after shipment of your order (7 days for courier shipments, 10 days for domestic postal shipments, 21 days for international postal shipments).
    • APSingle: With this option you finalize payment for each order prior to shipment. You will not receive invoices.
      • Place your stock order using our on-line stock order form.
      • You will receive a quote by email when we process your stock request. If you want the stocks to be shipped pay the 'Balance Due' amount shown on the quote. If you pay by credit card a payment receipt will be provided by the payment website.
      • When we receive your payment your order is released for the next available shipment.
      • If a stock you paid for cannot be shipped we create a credit that is applied automatically to a future order. If you paid by credit card and prefer a refund instead of a BDSC credit just let us know. 
    • APMulti: This option allows you to make an advance payment that covers multiple orders throughout the year, or future years. Your funds will remain on account for your use until they are spent.
      • If you need an invoice to make a payment to fund an APMulti account let us know the amount you want to pay, or send us a Purchase Order, and we'll send an invoice.
      • If you don't need an invoice, make a payment by credit card using your BUN & 'APMulti' in place of an invoice number on the payment form.
      • Place your stock order using our on-line stock order form.
      • When your order is processed it is released for the next available shipment.
      • When an order is shipped we send to the account holder or account delegate a statement by email that itemizes the charges for the shipment and shows the remaining balance on your APMulti account.
      • If the cost of an order exceeds your APMulti balance your account will convert to APSingle, the remaining APMulti credit will be applied to the order and you will receive a quote for the balance.
  • Shipping Address for Stocks
    The mailing address you provide when you establish or update your account is the address we use to ship all requests for stocks on your BUN. If your mailing address changes be sure to contact us to provide current information (updates to People information in FlyBase do not propagate to stock center records -- you must contact us directly with updates). Only one mailing address can be associated with each BUN at this time. If you need stocks sent to an alternative address, request a shadow BUN.

  • Courier Shipment of Stocks
    Stocks are shipped via the postal service unless you specify otherwise. You can request courier shipment for stocks ordered on your account.

  • BUN Group Members
    Members of a group are encouraged to place orders under their own names. Use the Add Me to the List form to add a name to a user list (or correct an existing name or email address), or move a name from one BUN to another. Use the Remove Name form to delete names from a user list. To block the addition of new names to your user list contact us by email. To appoint a financial delegate to an existing account use this form (delegates receive order quotes, account statements, and other account-related correspondence).

  • Recordkeeping
    When a request for stocks is processed we capture for our records the BUN, the name of the requestor, the date of the request, and the stock numbers requested. This information is used to determine the charges for your order, to analyze use of collection stocks, and to report anonymized collection use statistics to our funding agencies.

  • Fee Waivers
    All users of the collection are expected to pay their fees. Without a successful cost-recovery program the BDSC cannot exist. Support from the U.S. government in the form of a grant from the National Institutes of Health allows everyone’s fees to be lower than they would otherwise be, but users of our services must provide a significant share of the cost of providing those services.

  • Invoices
    Payment for stocks must be secured in advance of shipment with either a Purchase Order or advance payment. Whether and when you receive an invoice depends on your account type. Please see the Account Types section of this document for further information on which account types are invoiced and when.

  • Purchase Orders
    Email Purchase Orders to Jane Stout. Please note your group's BDSC account number (BUN) or account holder's name in your email if that information is not included on the PO itself. If you choose to use a Purchase Order (PO) for your stock requests you have two options:

    • An open PO (also known as a blanket PO, or a standing PO) is valid for multiple orders, typically over a specified period of time and with a limit on the total dollar amount (details vary, please consult your purchasing agent to determine the options available at your organization). Stocks will ship more quickly if you use an open PO.
    • A standard PO is valid for a single order. If you order rarely, or if you need to be billed shortly after shipment of your stocks, a standard PO may be the best option. You will receive a quote when your order is processed that you can use to obtain a PO. You will need to provide a PO for each order you want shipped. You must place each stock order through our online stock order form even when providing a PO for billing.

    Policies and procedures vary widely among the organizations that use the BDSC. Please explain our system to your purchasing agent and select an option that is appropriate for your preferences and your organization's policies and procedures.

  • Vendor Profile
    The BDSC vendor profile contains information that your purchasing or accounts payable units may need to create a purchase order or make a payment.

  • Tax Payer Identification Number (TIN) and W-9 Form
    The Stock Center is a component of Indiana University, a tax exempt organization. I.U.'s TIN is 35-6001673. Follow the link on our TIN to view and print our W-9 form.

  • DUNS Number
    Indiana University's DUNS number is 00-604-6700.

  • Payment Options

    • Credit card: Pay your quote or invoice online with a credit/debit card or PayPal account. Credit card payment information cannot be accepted by telephone, fax or email.
    • Check: In US dollars drawn on a US bank (the check will have a US address and a nine digit ABA routing number on its face) made payable to Indiana University. We cannot accept international checks without an ABA routing number on the check face.
      Include the invoice coversheet with your payment and mail to:
           Indiana University Accounts Receivable
           Dept. 78896
           P.O. Box 78000
           Detroit, MI 48278-0896
    • Electronic funds transfer: Banking details for payment by ACH or wire transfer are no longer available online. Please email Jane Stout for this information. Include your name and organizational address with your request, and the invoice number to be paid if applicable.
      Note that payment of wire transfer fees is your responsibility. Please arrange your transfer such that our account receives the full amount owed. IU's bank does not charge a fee for receiving funds by ACH or wire, but your bank as well as any intermediary bank used by your bank probably charges a fee to transfer funds. Please assure that your transfer order specifies that transfer fees are to be charged to yourselves and not subtracted from the amount owed to the BDSC.
  • Unpaid Accounts
    If your account has been suspended because of an overdue balance your Bloomington User Number (BUN) will appear in the list of Suspended Accounts. If you need another copy of an unpaid invoice you may request it by email. To reactivate a suspended account you will need to pay overdue fees. We must receive payment before reactivating your account; please don't ask us to make an exception.