Stock Shipments via Courier
Updated December 30, 2013
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 Conditions and Options for Courier Shipping
  1. Courier shipment via UPS, FedEx or DHL is an option for Drosophila stock shipments from the BDSC to many, but not all, countries. Contact us for the options currently available for your country.
  2. We prefer to use UPS for courier shipments, and these shipments are normally sent on our account. If you prefer we use your UPS account we are happy to do so.
  3. We prefer that DHL shipments are charged to your DHL account, but if you do not have access to a DHL account we will ship on our account and add the DHL charges to your other order fees. If your account type is APSingle you will pay estimated DHL charges (because payment is made prior to shipment). All other account types will pay the actual amount DHL charged us for your shipment.
  4. FedEx shipments must be charged to your FedEx account.
  5. If import duties or taxes are due on your shipment you will pay those directly to the courier or broker.
US Postal Service shipping is the default for all accounts. The account holder or delegate must authorize use of courier shipment for a given account. Contact us to change your account's shipping method to courier or to provide your courier account number for BDSC shipments.