Pruning the Bloomington Stock Collection
Updated December 3, 2014
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Selected obsolete, redundant, or low-use stocks are periodically removed from the collection to make room for new additions. Stocks in the lists available from the links below are candidates for removal from the BDSC collection. Stocks will continue to be available to order as usual for four weeks after posting on this page (unless otherwise indicated). If you think a listed stock warrants continued maintenance at the BDSC please contact us. Candidates for pruning are selected for a variety of reasons, usually one of the following:

  • Identical or functionally equivalent stock component is available in another BDSC stock
  • Stock is available from another stock center
  • Stock has received little or no use in recent years
  • Stock purpose has been superceded by other stocks in the collection

Contact us to receive e-mail notification whenever new discard candidates are posted here.

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December 1, 2014
There are no stock cull lists at this time.