Stock Number Formats for Uploaded Files
Updated March 30, 2007
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The Bloomington stock order form allows you to load a list of stock numbers into the form from a file you have created on your own computer. The format must conform to these rules.
  • Your file must be in plain text format.
  • Your file must contain only current Bloomington stock numbers in integer format.
    • Search the Bloomington stock list to find current Bloomington stock numbers.
    • Do not include extraneous characters with the number. For example, 11757 is a valid stock number; P1757, BL-11757 and #11757 are not valid numbers in this context.
    • Do not use the FBst id. For example, 1968 is a Bloomington stock number; FBst0001968 is a FlyBase Stock id. At present, the FBst id appears in FlyBase Gene, Allele, Insertion and Aberration Reports without "FBst", which can be confusing. This will be corrected in future releases of FlyBase (the use of the FBst id is necessary because some stock lists are provided to FlyBase without stock numbers).
    • If you include invalid numbers in an uploaded file the system will identify them for you. You will have to remove them from your file before proceeding with your order.
  • Your file must use one of the following to separate stock numbers: a space, a comma, a semicolon or a line return.