Cornmeal, Dextrose and Yeast Medium
Updated March 30, 2007
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This medium was developed by Brent and Oster (1974) and was the medium used by the Mid-America Stock Center for many years. The substitution of dextrose for sucrose is intended to reduce the consequences of Leuconostoc infection of cultures by preventing the bacterium for producing its slime coat. This recipe has not been used at Bloomington.
The recipe
Water 15.4 liters
Agar* 80 grams
Brewer's yeast 280 grams
Cornmeal 1,400 grams
Dextrose 2,270 grams
10% p-Hydroxy-benzoic acid methyl ester in 95% ethanol 250 milliliters
1.5% benzyl benzoate in 95% ethanol 350 milliliters
*adjust agar concentration according to the gel strength of your agar