Privacy Policy
Updated September 7, 2016
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Email addresses: If a researcher contacts us with a question about a stock you donated that we cannot answer, we may provide your email address to that individual. Otherwise we do not share email addresses without your permission.

Mailing lists: When you establish an account you have the option to add your email address to two Drosophila-specific mailing lists. Your email address will not be added to either list without your permission.

  • BDSC Newsletter: This mailing list is for BDSC fly stock-related news and announcements. Mailings will include notices of holiday shipping schedule changes and closings, announcements of stock culls and information on new stock acquisitions. Our goal is to limit the number of mailings to just a few per year.
  • Fly Board Mailing List: Each year the Fly Board has important information to share with the Drosophila community. This communication is important, not only so that members can stay abreast of important resource developments and community elections, but also in unusual cases where the community needs to be mobilized for advocacy purposes. The Fly Board plans to send a handful of emails annually. You can also sign onto the Fly Board mailing list by signing up for the FlyBase Newsletter.

Stock request history: We report collection use statistics to NIH (our funding agency), to our Scientific Advisory Board, and to other interested parties in aggregate or anonymized formats. We do not share information about your specific stock requests with third parties.