Bionet Drosophila News Report
Updated February 23, 2015
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From: xxx (Gail McNeil)
Newsgroups: bionet.drosophila
Subject: Fruit Flies: Getting rid of them in the household
Date: 3 Sep 1998 20:11:33 -0700
Organization: BIOSCI International Newsgroups for Molecular Biology

Hello Harold;

Looking up info on fruit flies (and how to get rid of them) and came up
with your query. We don't know how to get rid of them absolutely BUT we've
discovered a good way to reduce their numbers. Namely this is to vacuum up
the little suckers then blast the hose with insect repellent (or put your
vacuum outside). Step two is to eat all of your fruit and CLOSE THE WINDOWS.

Back to the vacuum cleaner method - use the attachment for crevices and you
can suck them out of the air. Sounds wacky but it really does work. (You
have to be obsessive!)

We've tried traps (containers with small holes and fruit/vinegar inside)
but I think this just draws them into the house from the composter.

Another quick method for individual kills is to use a small rolled-up wet
face cloth and wack at them. It does work. Trust me.

Good luck. Each fruit fly you kill means minus 500 more.