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Updated February 23, 2015
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From: Scott Panzer xxx
Newsgroups: bionet.drosophila
Subject: Re: Need Anti-Fruit Fly Help
Date: 27 Sep 1994 18:03:12 GMT
Organization: Yale University School of Medicine

In article , xxx writes:

>How in the heck do you get rid of fruit flies? I'm not talking
>about a swarming mass of them, just a persistent few.

Well, if you don't want to use insecticide (for health reasons or because you work with some other bug perhaps :), you can always try to trap them. You might mix a small amount of yeast with some water or fruit juice, and leave it in a bottle. Fruit flies will love this, and fly into the bottle. You can then cap the bottle after a couple of days and throw it in the trash, or kill the flies by placing the bottle in the freezer, if you wish to wash and re-use the bottle. Just be sure you don't forget about the trap. Fly traps can turn into fly generators if you forget about them and leave them around.

Hope this helps.


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